1. Shane + Lori = TLA. One thing The Walking Dead does consistently well is obfuscate timelines. If there was an Emmy for obfuscating timelines, The Walking Dead would win year after year, until finally they had to withdraw from the competition (like Oprah) to give others a chance. So it is hard to say how long Rick was in that hospital bed. Based on his fairly modest beard growth and muscle atrophy, let’s say 10 days. Heck, let’s say 2 weeks. So in 2 weeks – which were presumably a little harried on account of the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE that happened – his wife and best friend managed to start a torrid affair. WTF, Lori and Shane!
  2. The horse people’s note to God. On his way to Atlanta, Rick comes across a quaint little farmhouse in the picturesque Georgia countryside, occupied by a farmer and his wife, both missing their skullcaps. Scrawled on the wall – in blood no less – is the message “GOD FORGIVE US”. Deciding to skip out on a life filled with walkers is understandable, if not downright sensible. But who wrote the message, and using what blood? After an embarrassing amount of thought, I am forced to conclude that the farmer (a) shot his wife in the face, then (b) jammed his hands in what was left of said face, and finally (c) sopped up enough blood to write a big ol’ all-caps, yell-y message to his maker?? The zombies really aren’t the monsters on this show.
  3. Speaking of the horse… Our introduction to the world of TWD, right at the top of the show, involves the hero shooting a child that is adorned in PJs and bunny slippers and carrying her teddy. Yes, the kid is a reanimated killing machine, but the visual is a clear indication that this show is willing to be brutal. And, as if to hammer that home, the show ends with an appropriate bookend. The horse that Rick “borrowed” from Mr. and Mrs. Murder-Suicide, the friend and companion that Rick just met while treacly music played in the background, a beautiful animal that was thrilled with his newfound freedom, gets torn apart by a herd of walkers. We see the horse go down. We see the walkers swarm. We see insides coming out. Then, mercifully, the scene cuts to Rick and his bid for survival, but then… no, wait a minute… here comes the closing music AND MORE HORSE-EATING MAYHEM. It’s scenes like this one that make it impossible for me to watch TWD during dinner.